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Our Mission

XyayX aspires to significantly address the alarming educational disparities within African-American community.  XyayX the movement was created to provide educational services to Black and Latino people. We are 501c3 non-profit status and we have already begun tremendous works within Brownville and East New York communities through our educational programs. The XyayX Institute is one of the very few independent Non-for-profit organizations created by Black men in NYC solely to provide educational services and programs to develop their communities. 



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Our organization, XyayX the Movement, is actively implementing strategies and ideas that facilitate solutions and solve the problems that our community is facing. We currently offer:


  • S.T.E.A.M. out-of-school-time program, which introduces students to and fosters growth in S.T.E.A.M. through hands on learning.

  • Youth enrichment program- which provides over 25 children in Brownsville/East-New York area with free learning assistance

  • Project TAP TASC Assistance Program- preparatory program, which assists learners in passing the TASC exam and earning their High School Equivalency Diploma.

  • Fatherhood Initiative program, which works with young fathers to develop life skills and become self-sufficient.

  • Gang Intervention Cure Violence program, which helps to lower gang violence through raising awareness of how it affects the community and through peer to peer mediation.

  • In-school/After school Media Arts program, which introduces students to multimedia production in a full service music studio

  • Project Flip- which provided over 500 people nation-wide with free credit repair assistance and financial literacy- information

We are counting on your support. We promise that we will not be telephoning you, but we do hope that you will respond positively to our written request.  Remember that your donation is tax-deductible!

Check & moneyorders

You can make checks/money order out to:

XyayX The Movement

mail to:

1596 St. Marks ave

Brooklyn, NY 11233 fl 1


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