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Adult Educational Programs

Adult Educational Programs: Empowering Your Future

Welcome to our Adult Educational Programs page, where we are committed to empowering adults with valuable skills and knowledge to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We offer a range of educational opportunities to support your growth and development:

pROGRAM highlights!

  • GED Preparatory Classes via Zoom:
    Are you looking to earn your GED (General Educational Development) credential? Our GED preparatory classes, conveniently offered through Zoom, provide a flexible and accessible way for adults to prepare for this essential qualification. Our dedicated instructors will guide you through the curriculum, ensuring you are well-prepared for the GED exam. Whether you need to complete your high school education or improve your career prospects, our GED preparatory classes are tailored to your needs.
    Financial Literacy Workshops via Zoom:
    Financial literacy is a crucial skill in today's world, and our workshops are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. These workshops, offered via Zoom, cover a wide range of topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. Whether you're seeking to improve your financial well-being, plan for the future, or enhance your understanding of financial concepts, our workshops are here to support you on your journey to financial empowerment.

STEM Program Partnerships



One-day STEM Program

STEM Immersive Program




Science Fair 

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