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Our Changing the Face of STEM Initiative exemplifies our community's united commitment to empowering Black and Brown students in STEM fields. Central to our mission is the proactive establishment of partnerships with a diverse array of organizations, schools, and institutions. Together, we envision, nurture, and champion STEM programs that illuminate pathways for Black individuals entering the STEM realm. These collaborations showcase our collective dedication to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education. By collaborating closely with educational institutions and community organizations, we amplify our impact and create avenues for underrepresented students to thrive in STEM disciplines. These partnerships underscore our shared vision of transforming the landscape of STEM education, fostering a new generation of diverse innovators and leaders poised to make lasting contributions to the field.

considering contracting XYAYX

As a school or organization considering partnering with XYAYX to offer a STEM program at your location, you're not just working with an organization; you're joining a movement that's actively transforming the landscape of education. This collaboration is a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and innovation.  It's an opportunity to inspire, empower, and equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and passion needed to excel in the dynamic world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Together, we contribute to the momentum of the XyayX Movement, dedicated to breaking barriers and ensuring that STEM education knows no boundaries.

Flexible Engagement:

Your involvement is not bound by a single format. Your organization can opt to host an event in person or choose to engage with us online. Furthermore, schools have the flexibility to incorporate this program as part of their regular curriculum or offer it as an enriching after-school initiative. Together, we can nurture the imaginations of the next generation and empower them to soar in the world of STEM. Join us in the profound journey of inspiring young minds to reach their full potential.

Short Term Commitments:

The School pledges support for The Program's biannual STEM conferences by facilitating student attendance and granting permission to use its logo in promotional materials. Additionally, the School provides space for STEM classes and science fair preparation. Moreover, it encourages student participation in science fairs and engages parents and guardians in supporting STEM activities.

Long Term Commitments:

The Program undertakes long-term responsibilities, including conducting impact assessments, presenting recommendations for systemic changes in STEM, and developing sustainability plans. It also ensures accountability, refines projects, optimizes resources, assures quality, and evaluates participant feedback through annual assessments.

STEM Program Partnerships



One-day STEM Program

STEM Immersive Program




Science Fair 

STEM Resources

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