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Our STEM Initiative 

Empowering individuals from the Black and brown community in STEM is imperative for cultivating a future that is more inclusive, equitable, and pioneering.  Our Changing the Faces of STEM Initiative, mission is unequivocal: to showcase the brilliance of Black talent in STEM disciplines and nurture an environment where their success is ensured. Our commitment is driven by the conviction that increasing diversity in STEM not only enriches the field but also enhances the world as a whole, making it a more progressive, intelligent, and innovative place for all.

How do we achieve this?

Through dynamic partnerships with schools and organizations, we offer an array of STEM-based classes, events, and programs.

  • Semi-Annual Science Fair and STEM symposiums

  • Science Expo in August 

  • STEM Conferences Connecting Industry to Schools

  • Day Programs Partnerships  

  • Summer STEM Immersive Program

  • STEM Club

pROGRAM highlights!

  • STEM Program Partnerships: 

  • Semi-Annual Science Fair for Black Students: 

  • Conferences 

  • Summer Immersive Program

  • STEM Clubs

In addition, we're dedicated to sharing valuable insights and resources on our website about STEM majors, skill sets, and career paths. Our aim is to serve as a helpful guide, offering accessible information on diverse opportunities within the STEM realm. From illuminating descriptions of STEM majors to practical advice on honing relevant skills, our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to pursue fulfilling careers in STEM. Moreover, we provide details on STEM internships and apprenticeships, guiding individuals toward pathways of excellence in their chosen fields.

STEM Program Partnerships



One-day STEM Program

STEM Immersive Program




Science Fair 

STEM Resources

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