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Self Defense & anti-bullying

Our program

You want the best for your kids. Building lifelong healthy habits like attention to detail, commitment, respect for self and others, physical fitness, and self protection are just some of the benefits of XyayX the movement self-defense program. Our Self-Defense Programs is designed to help youth develop self-confidence and a comprehensive plan for defending themselves. Our Self-defense class are based upon real-life scenarios and are taught by a highly qualified instructor. The skills are easy to learn and remember. No prior experience is necessary and exertion is light to moderate. We conduct trainings on high school and college campuses, as well as at corporate sites and other locations convenient to participants.

pROGRAM highlights!

  • Identify and change areas of vulnerability in their lifestyle and daily routine

  • Recognize aggressive behavior before it becomes a threat

  • Verbally defuse a potential attack

  • Use practical and powerful techniques to fight off an attacker

  • powerful, and effective verbal, tactical, and physical self-defense skills

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