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Our STEM Program

Our program

In America, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education has been the backbone of all technological advances. According to the Economics and Statistics Administration of the US Department of Commerce, in America, it is estimated less than 50% of public high schools, with a predominantly African American student body, offer STEM based majors.

Our STEM program is hands-on, interactive, engaging, and fun. It is Designed to reach students at all grade levels, and offered free-of-charge.  Participants will experience activities that illustrate the real-life application of STEM while being introduced to the fundamental principles of engineering, robotics, biology and the physical sciences.  Students will learn these principles by building their own remote control cars, us and creating objects with legos or other raw materials (wheels, motors, etc.). The course is geared towards the children being creative with the materials provided to expand their thinking about what’s possible with the ultimate goal of inspiring academic pursuit.

pROGRAM highlights!

  • Electricity engineering

  • Renewable energy

  • Coding with  Arduino

  • BIological discovery

  • Soldering and refined tooling

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